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What type of services do I offer?

Small and medium sized projects are translated quickly and professionally by myself. For large projects and rush jobs, I utilize a network of a few select US freelance translators.

How good are my translations?

My translations undergo a rigorous translation process that results in a very high-quality finished product. Before I even start to translate, I create a customer-specific dictionary that incorporates already existing company specific terminology. I improve this database automatically with each new project.

What is my translation process?

The initial translation is done with great care using a number of first-rate technical and non-technical dictionaries in conjunction with the customer-specific dictionary. The translation is then checked again for technical context by a second translator with an automotive engineering background. In case of questions, I work directly with you, so there is no middle-man like with large agencies. This is why I can make sure to meet your deadline - every time.


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Birgit Eckardt

German - English

Technical Translations

for the Automotive Industry